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postmarked stamps series CDs and jejune/dignity for all 7″

thanks to soul ameria records I have all current editions of the postmarked stamps CD series available. straight from japan!

burial etiquette / undermark split CD (post marked stamps series #1)
sementos / older split CD (post marked stamps series #3)
pyre / biliardo split CD (post marked stamps series #4)
elliott green / futurina split CD (post marked stamps series #5)
石の犬 / shonen bat split CD (post marked stamps series #6) (ishinoinu)
mt. oriander / engagements split CD (post marked stamps series #7)

also a few copies of the classic jejune/dignity for all split 7“, which is an honor!

soul ameria records


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their something borrowed, glory – s/t cassette out now!

almost two years after the digital release this collaborative project by koenich and amid the old wounds finally gets a physical format on ferro tape cassette, self-released by the artists.

it comes in handmade black cardboard slipcases with a diecut window showing a two-sided card underneath so you can choose which cover picture you prefer. it includes a small insert with recording credits and a download code


there’s no other news this time but as always there’s tons of great records in the shop and a handful of new ones being planned, so I’d appreciate your orders to help make these happen. <3

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vægtløs – aftryk LP out now!

and news from komarov, de facto enscripture, grave neighbors vol.7 CD, lacrima, sparx megazines and more

out now:
vægtløs – aftryk LP

Vægtløs pours every last bit of passion into their aggressive yet emotional music which can be described as intense and atmospheric post-metal with hints of black metal, post-rock, post-hardcore, and emo, eventhough it is not a distinct variation of neither of those, but a mutated multifaceted modificaton of the sum. I still have copies a tiny amount on splatter and marble vinyl left!

here’s their latest video in case you missed it

there’s also a few new items in the distro from middle man records and zegema beach records:

de facto enscripture – sardonic entropy nexus cassette

grave neighbors volume 7 compilation CD

lacrima – cartography 7″

our future is an absolute shadow / komarov split 7″

also I got a bunch of sparx megazines from Edie Quinn

checking inventory I found a few copies of records that are out of print otherwise and also test pressings that weren’t listed before:

moss rose / caton & ophélie / duct hearts / child meadow split 12″ test press

you could be a cop / amid the old wounds split LP (test press)

kumulus – black LP

bail – in closing memories LP
(beautiful purple to blue gradient print)

amouth – awaken LP

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vægtløs and KŸHL LPs, no action CD and big distro update…

… from specific records including loth,  haru nemuri, geoffrey lolli, bishop LPs and many more

first things first I will be taking 2 months off from daywork, label work and many other obligations from december 1st to february 1st in order to find some long needed rest and reset. I will post orders every three days or so but stay away from emails, social media etc. this is why this newsdrop is a bit bigger than usual, so let’s get straight into it.

I have 2 new releases available and a preorder:

no action – years of lead vol. I CD
collection of singles, demos and split tracks and other rarities by adelaide’s finest, including songs off mixed messages, left of the year and neverclose 7″s, splits with roger king and tangle and some more

KŸHL – nach strich und faden LP
passionate, chaotic and intense screamo with emo and spoken word bits from this berlin based trio

vægtløs – aftryk LP (preorder)
Vægtløs pours every last bit of passion into their aggressive yet emotional music which can be described as intense and atmospheric post-metal with hints of black metal, post-rock, post-hardcore, and emo, eventhough it is not a distinct variation of neither of those, but a mutated multifaceted modificaton of the sum.
this record wil release on february 2nd 2024.

distro news:

le seul élément – juste une idée obscure de ce qu’est la fierté 2xLP
very extraordinary and versatile record, combining modern classical darkwave with postrock, black metal and drone. from France

bishop LP
industrial black metal from France

jan mörgenson – ad patres LP
One guitar. That’s all it takes Jan Mörgenson to build landscapes made of countryside dreams and mountaintops nightmares.

alone with king kong – bedroom-sized doomsday LP
indie pop from France

2:13pm – matkormano – original soundtrack LP
Original soundtrack to the movie Matkormano produced by 529 Dragons and directed by Julien Louvet & Fabien Rennet.

geoffrey lolli – in movimento – as above so below LP
geoffrey lolli – il reste la douleur LP
imaginary soundtrack / library music from France

haru nemuri – haru to shura LP
revolutionary female j-pop from Tokyo, 6th pressing on Hokkaido snow white vinyl

loth s/t LP
loth – 616 LP
atmospheric black metal from France, 2nd pressing

major in body bear – topic 2: relationship LP
intricate instrumental AOR/math rock from Taiwan

tokyo karan koron – go nin no entertainers LP
A Japanese pop rock album that utilizes a multitude of exciting genres. It’s a lively and colorful release, that anyone who loves pop music should check out

saffron eyes – smile until it hurts LP
catchy female fronted indie rock with a post-punk edge from France

uwaga / wuzetian – fin de siecle split 7″
melodic hardcore from germany and france

rome asleep 7″
ROME ASLEEP might be German punk’s best-kept secret. What you might call thinking person’s post-hardcore, theirs is a jittery aggressiveness with roots in 90’s California punk (particularly the San Diego variety charted by groups like PITCHFORK and SWING KIDS) coupled with a progressive structuring which brings to mind the best aspects of AT THE DRIVE-IN.

on other news amid the old wounds provided a cover of a coma regalia song to this year’s middle-man records’ halloween compilation, please check this beauty out here: Grave Neighbors V.7

that’s all for this year, see you in february!

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husten, ef and we stood like kings LPs and CDs

I received a wonderful box from kapitän platte so here’s a bunch of new items:

husten – aus allen nähten LP
upbeat german indie/pop music with honest and serious lyrics

ef – ceremonies 2xLP
10 years anniversary repress of this classic postrock masterpiece, on tan/purple/black vinyl

we stood like kings – away 2xLP
we stood like kings – away CD
After the release of the CLASSICAL RE:WORKS project, on which We Stood Like Kings take a fresh look at classical music from the Baroque to the 20th century, the band goes back to cinema with a new live soundtrack project dedicated to the recent silent 3D animation movie Away by the young Latvian director Gints Zilbalodis.

we stood like kings – classical re:works CD
in 2020, We Stood Like Kings launches a new concept entitled CLASSICAL RE:WORKS, revisiting works from the whole classical music era.

kapitän plattes lokalrunde LP
includes songs from Soonago, Entropy, Qwertz, ROSI, Mellowdeath, Eaten By Snakes, Der Draht, Dünamit and Dresche, released to support the local live-clubs


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winter dust – unisono LP, daitro, sed non satiata, ghost bag, yage, off minor LPs

out now: winter dust – unisono LP

“There are many layers within the music, but I wouldn’t call it dense. It feels well balanced. Twinkling piano sits beside the distorted guitar. Overdriven intense passages are spaced out with reverberating breathing moments.”

winter dust - unisono LP - white / green / black pinwheel

this is winter dust’s first record sung in their native tongue, Italian. most songs are a bit shorter than on the band’s former release “sense by erosion”, but other than that the music stays within the same realm the band has successfully developed over the last years, as a mixture of post-rock and emo, with some mathy and hardcore influences and a raw, passionate urge that is unique.

“…the vocal delivery is so visceral. I picture Vezzaro delivering his searing call to arms as he cries out to the universe, shouting out to any who will listen. This is often what comes to mind as I listen to Winter Dust’s music. The impassioned vocals of someone crying out to the void, with brilliant music that carries just as much power and emotion to match.”

listen and order here

A while ago I received some classics from the 2000s as well as some newer records from adagio 830 records and earthwaterskyconnections, which have been added to the shop

daitro – vinyl collected LP
Frankenstein Red vinyl. This records contains the out of print stuff from the split LP w/ Sed Non Satiata, the split 7″ w/ Ampere and the 2 songs that were on the US tour 7″.

sed non satiata – mappo LP (restock)
No matter the approach to song structure, Sed Non Satiata are always able to combine equal parts consonance and dissonance, light and dark, beauty and discord, culminating in the emotional roller coaster.
2nd press on silver/red vinyl, gatefold sleeve

ghost bag – palindrome LP
Flirting with dreams of redemption, fatalistic sentiments echo throughout. Jongen is able to catch a glimpse of the outside world, while the door remains locked. A cynic might say this record is a testament of personal alienation made under trade-wind tropical rainforest weather conditions. In his own words…

browse all adagio 830 releases here

yage – anders leben!? LP
This is a very honest album, lyrically not imposing, but asking of themselves and us to look at our lives, our surroundings, culture, and to try to make a difference.

off minor – the heat death of the universe LP
In a blend of chaotic emotional intensity and precise beauty, Jamie Behar, Kevin Roche and Steve Roche find a realm of untouched hardcore catharsis. “The Heat Death of the Universe” Off Minor’s first LP is a journey of heart felt monologues built around the difficulties of the respective band member’s lives.

the kitty melodies / rain river ocean split LP
folky emoish indie from both bands on this classic german emo record

browse all earthwatersky connection releases here

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barabbas, du förtappade, eretia, gros enfant mort and nicota LPs

I received a wonderful box from slovakia so here’s a bunch of new items and additional stock from salto mortale music:

barabbas, du förtappade – discussions on existentialism LP
Fresh screamo straight out of Stockholm, Sweden, contaiings themes of alienation in cities of capitalism, death, political apathy and exhausting communications and relationships.

eretia – quietud LP
The band’s ability to create a powerful and atmospheric sound that is both heavy and delicate is truly impressive. The musicianship on display is exceptional, with each band member playing an integral role in the music.

janpalach – celestials LP
debut LP from this ukrainian band, dedicated to people who suffer from mental health.

gros enfant mort – la banalité du mal LP
Awesome sophomore LP from this french hardcore/screamo solo project for fans of daitro and young yountain.

nicota – III LP
intense and at times chaotic atmospheric hardcore from the czech republic


also I got a few copies of the beautiful
cuthbarts / we are on fire split CD
this series  pays homage to the “post marked stamps” series released by Tree Records in 1999. Cuthbarts play music ephemeral and beautiful like Mineral. We Are On Fire are a bassless band. There is a fragility and melancholy that makes use of the charm of the gaps in the sound.

I’ve added a bunch of different payment options via paypal to the shop, including direct/express checkout that shouldn’t demand you entering your address or making an account on my site, and it should enable “später bezahlen” (pay later), which I think was no option earlier.

also without needing a paypal account you can now choose from a bunch of different payment options that weren’t available before, like paying via giro card, Lastschrift/Direct Debit, express wire transfer and whatnot.

I am still hesitant going down the google pay / apple pay rabbit hole, would those options be vital to people?


and in case you missed it, there’s a new amid the old wounds video, too!

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swan districts – tapeography, dignity for all LP and 石の犬 aka ishinoinu 7″

contemporary australia-based emo bands have always had a way of undeservedly keeping a low profile in the western world, staying unnoticed by most while being cherished a lot by few. swan districts from adelaide are a perfect example for that. being active for only 2 years, the band put out a handful of small run cassettes before disbanding in 2011. I am happy to release the full discography of this dreamy australian lo-fi instrumental twinkly postrockish emo duo, remastered by will killingsworth at dead air studios. it is available now everywhere you stream music and as a super limited double cassette box.

60 copies were made, 20 were destroyed being shipped to australia, 20 are available from the band. do the maths, if you want it, don’t wait.

featuring john of no action, nebraska etc, this release includes almost 90 minutes of music, 14 songs in total, featuring all songs from kanda, the coming into land EP, the crepuscular rays over yorke peninsula EP and the split with benjamin zubkevych, spread over 2 music cassettes, baby blue and baby pink. comes in handstamped kraft paper cardboardboxes with a die-cut window, it also includes a full color 8 page zine with small details about the original releases, some concert flyers and leaflets and credits

listen and order here

I also received a wonderful box from rufen publishings in japan so here’s a pair of releases rarely available in central europe:

dignity for all – discography LP
This is a complete collection of songs by the 90s emo band Dignity for all from Sapporo. Dignity For All was one of the breakout bands in the late 90’s, you may have heard of them from a split 7″ they did with Jejune which was release in the USA by classic label BigWheelRecreation

石の犬 (ishinoinu) – hole, water 7″
poppy emo-influenced rock with postrock bits from japan

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overo LP and split 7″ with asthenia, parting 10″, king slender LP

I just added a bunch of items from the uk from sncl to the shop:

overo / asthenia split 7″
two of the best emo bands in the world going at it head to head. two songs each. a perfect match.

overo – waiting for the end to begin LP
This release sees the band pushing harder in all directions with tracks that are harsher, softer, and more experimental than the band’s debut.

king slender – gold days LP
tightly wound melodies, yelled vocals, driving guitars, tick tick tick. what you have here is a collection 9 jammers that will have you shaking along and tapping your chest.

parting – unmake me 10″
The debut release from the ’emo revivalist’ supergroup consisting of Keith Latinen (Empire! Empire!), Ben Hendricks (Annabel), Gooey Fame (ex-Dowsing, Annabel), and John Guynn (Hawk & Son).


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pi network and no action 7″s, flexi disc and cassettes

I received a wonderful box from australia so here’s a bunch of new items from no action and related projects:

no action – long march through the institutions cassette
a collection of cover songs

no action – eve of destruction cassette
No Action are back, singing the song on everyone’s minds, P. F. Sloan’s timeless ‘Eve Of Destruction’. On the b-side is a live version of Richard Berry’s party time anthem ‘Louie Louie’, recorded at Ancient World near the end of 2020. Don’t food fight!

no action – payday 7″
on the b-side: tiger hunt

no action – thirst of june flexi disc
No Action returns with an alternate recording of a track from their  to be released second LP.  100 copies made

pi network – reimage EP 7″
Four new futuristic piano compositions recorded at Twin Earth 2019. Classical music for the new dark ages.

the band was so nice to include some diy photocopy style a4 zines with lyrics, leaflets and pictures, I’ll add one to each order including a no action item (if packaging restrictions allow, while supplies last)

also if you haven’t done so yet why not combine with a copy of the no  action / amid the old wounds split 7″ we released in early may?


furthermore when checking inventory I found a ridiculously tiny amount of copies of the japan variant of the amid the old wounds – rebreather 7″ we released exactly one year ago. these come on exclusive opaque purple with black haze vinyl and include a dark red stripe that reads the artist and title in japanese writing. furthermore I assembled some test presses of the same release, which also include that japanese stripe

check all those out here