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pi network and no action 7″s, flexi disc and cassettes

I received a wonderful box from australia so here’s a bunch of new items from no action and related projects:

no action – long march through the institutions cassette
a collection of cover songs

no action – eve of destruction cassette
No Action are back, singing the song on everyone’s minds, P. F. Sloan’s timeless ‘Eve Of Destruction’. On the b-side is a live version of Richard Berry’s party time anthem ‘Louie Louie’, recorded at Ancient World near the end of 2020. Don’t food fight!

no action – payday 7″
on the b-side: tiger hunt

no action – thirst of june flexi disc
No Action returns with an alternate recording of a track from their  to be released second LP.  100 copies made

pi network – reimage EP 7″
Four new futuristic piano compositions recorded at Twin Earth 2019. Classical music for the new dark ages.

the band was so nice to include some diy photocopy style a4 zines with lyrics, leaflets and pictures, I’ll add one to each order including a no action item (if packaging restrictions allow, while supplies last)

also if you haven’t done so yet why not combine with a copy of the no  action / amid the old wounds split 7″ we released in early may?


furthermore when checking inventory I found a ridiculously tiny amount of copies of the japan variant of the amid the old wounds – rebreather 7″ we released exactly one year ago. these come on exclusive opaque purple with black haze vinyl and include a dark red stripe that reads the artist and title in japanese writing. furthermore I assembled some test presses of the same release, which also include that japanese stripe

check all those out here