no action / amid the old wounds split 7″



two new recordings each band in a beautiful handmade black and white paper artwork with handstamped center labels and inner sleeve and torn paper edges


according to new action’s song ‘III’ is “a haunting symphony from Adelaide’s emo realm, summons the ethereal specters of The Hated, Evergreen, Hüsker Dü, and Comet Gain. With a relentless, pulsating rhythm, this emotional punk rock jam accelerates through the depths of human sentiment. Veiled in a mist of slightly distorted vocals, the organic essence of its sound resonates with the raw, untamed spirit of a truly honest offering. This ephemeral, simply crafted, yet hearty and genuine, “III” unfolds its poignant narrative in a mere two minutes, leaving listeners wanting more.”
of course their second song ‘monument to taste’  is just as much of a banger.

amid the old wounds contributes two songs that mark the start of a new chapter of work titled ‘half alive’. musically they don’t stray too far from what the artist presented on his predeceeding 7″ ‘rebreather’, maybe they are even a little sadder, and more intimate.

no action – III
no action – monument to taste
amid the old wounds – hypothetically speaking II
amid the old wounds – the uninvited

atow’s “hypothetically speaking II” is exclusive to the vinyl and is not available for stream. records include a download code for all 4 songs. edges are handtorn, which makes every copy unique
75 copies were pressed on dark green vinyl, 285 on black. 45 black copies copies have handtypewritten quotes from the songs on the back of the inner sleeve. 10 test presses were made and come in black inner sleeves instead of white ones, also “45” is stamped on both center labels.
52 black copies, 13 green copies and 3 test presses were destroyed and lost during shipment to australia.
this was coreleased with magic hour records (aus), rufen publishings (jap), softseed music (usa/can), sncl (uk), polar summer (rus) and salto mortale music (slv)

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