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barabbas, du förtappade, eretia, gros enfant mort and nicota LPs

I received a wonderful box from slovakia so here’s a bunch of new items and additional stock from salto mortale music:

barabbas, du förtappade – discussions on existentialism LP
Fresh screamo straight out of Stockholm, Sweden, contaiings themes of alienation in cities of capitalism, death, political apathy and exhausting communications and relationships.

eretia – quietud LP
The band’s ability to create a powerful and atmospheric sound that is both heavy and delicate is truly impressive. The musicianship on display is exceptional, with each band member playing an integral role in the music.

janpalach – celestials LP
debut LP from this ukrainian band, dedicated to people who suffer from mental health.

gros enfant mort – la banalité du mal LP
Awesome sophomore LP from this french hardcore/screamo solo project for fans of daitro and young yountain.

nicota – III LP
intense and at times chaotic atmospheric hardcore from the czech republic


also I got a few copies of the beautiful
cuthbarts / we are on fire split CD
this series  pays homage to the “post marked stamps” series released by Tree Records in 1999. Cuthbarts play music ephemeral and beautiful like Mineral. We Are On Fire are a bassless band. There is a fragility and melancholy that makes use of the charm of the gaps in the sound.

I’ve added a bunch of different payment options via paypal to the shop, including direct/express checkout that shouldn’t demand you entering your address or making an account on my site, and it should enable “später bezahlen” (pay later), which I think was no option earlier.

also without needing a paypal account you can now choose from a bunch of different payment options that weren’t available before, like paying via giro card, Lastschrift/Direct Debit, express wire transfer and whatnot.

I am still hesitant going down the google pay / apple pay rabbit hole, would those options be vital to people?


and in case you missed it, there’s a new amid the old wounds video, too!