amid the old wounds – rebreather 7″



On his third physical solo release, the 3-song single ‚Rebreather‘, Daniel Becker – known as singer and main songwriter in Duct Hearts and Wishes on a Plane – lyrically spans an arch from seeking emotional independence to wanting the warmth of companionship after and in times of isolation.

In a way it can be seen as a quest for balance between separation and independence, a balance rarely stable, always demanding constant adaption.

listen to the record:

Musically you get what most mid 90s post-hardcore bands would’ve sounded like had electricity been turned off and an acoustic guitar been at hand. Songs stripped to down to their soul, a few guitar strums and picks and a voice trying to put into words what needs to be said. An introvert all by himself, singing to a campfire. Yet, you are invited to sit down and have a drink, knowing whatever it is you are feeling, you are not alone.

01 – Rebreather (4:48)
02 – The Broken Key (0:56
03 – 1121 (3:11)

Records come in black vinyl as well as limited clear purple (EU version) and opaque purple with black haze (Japan/Norway exclusive) in a white handstamped disco sleeve with center holes and folded lyrics insert. all Japan copies (black and opaque purple with black haze) came with dark red stripe

Also available as a limited 2×7“ box bundled with the debut single ‚Vignette‘ from 2020, both on white vinyl.

10 test presses were made. 5 were assembled in the usual white disco sleeve with center hole and the dark red stripe from the japan version, these don’t include the lyrics insert. 5 more were combined with 5 tests of the vignette 7″ and put into boxes in 2×7″ style

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