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vægtløs and KŸHL LPs, no action CD and big distro update…

… from specific records including loth,  haru nemuri, geoffrey lolli, bishop LPs and many more

first things first I will be taking 2 months off from daywork, label work and many other obligations from december 1st to february 1st in order to find some long needed rest and reset. I will post orders every three days or so but stay away from emails, social media etc. this is why this newsdrop is a bit bigger than usual, so let’s get straight into it.

I have 2 new releases available and a preorder:

no action – years of lead vol. I CD
collection of singles, demos and split tracks and other rarities by adelaide’s finest, including songs off mixed messages, left of the year and neverclose 7″s, splits with roger king and tangle and some more

KŸHL – nach strich und faden LP
passionate, chaotic and intense screamo with emo and spoken word bits from this berlin based trio

vægtløs – aftryk LP (preorder)
Vægtløs pours every last bit of passion into their aggressive yet emotional music which can be described as intense and atmospheric post-metal with hints of black metal, post-rock, post-hardcore, and emo, eventhough it is not a distinct variation of neither of those, but a mutated multifaceted modificaton of the sum.
this record wil release on february 2nd 2024.

distro news:

le seul élément – juste une idée obscure de ce qu’est la fierté 2xLP
very extraordinary and versatile record, combining modern classical darkwave with postrock, black metal and drone. from France

bishop LP
industrial black metal from France

jan mörgenson – ad patres LP
One guitar. That’s all it takes Jan Mörgenson to build landscapes made of countryside dreams and mountaintops nightmares.

alone with king kong – bedroom-sized doomsday LP
indie pop from France

2:13pm – matkormano – original soundtrack LP
Original soundtrack to the movie Matkormano produced by 529 Dragons and directed by Julien Louvet & Fabien Rennet.

geoffrey lolli – in movimento – as above so below LP
geoffrey lolli – il reste la douleur LP
imaginary soundtrack / library music from France

haru nemuri – haru to shura LP
revolutionary female j-pop from Tokyo, 6th pressing on Hokkaido snow white vinyl

loth s/t LP
loth – 616 LP
atmospheric black metal from France, 2nd pressing

major in body bear – topic 2: relationship LP
intricate instrumental AOR/math rock from Taiwan

tokyo karan koron – go nin no entertainers LP
A Japanese pop rock album that utilizes a multitude of exciting genres. It’s a lively and colorful release, that anyone who loves pop music should check out

saffron eyes – smile until it hurts LP
catchy female fronted indie rock with a post-punk edge from France

uwaga / wuzetian – fin de siecle split 7″
melodic hardcore from germany and france

rome asleep 7″
ROME ASLEEP might be German punk’s best-kept secret. What you might call thinking person’s post-hardcore, theirs is a jittery aggressiveness with roots in 90’s California punk (particularly the San Diego variety charted by groups like PITCHFORK and SWING KIDS) coupled with a progressive structuring which brings to mind the best aspects of AT THE DRIVE-IN.

on other news amid the old wounds provided a cover of a coma regalia song to this year’s middle-man records’ halloween compilation, please check this beauty out here: Grave Neighbors V.7

that’s all for this year, see you in february!