winter dust – unisono LP



“There are many layers within the music, but I wouldn’t call it dense. It feels well balanced. Twinkling piano sits beside the distorted guitar. Overdriven intense passages are spaced out with reverberating breathing moments.”

listen to the record:

this is winter dust’s first record sung in their native tongue, Italian. most songs are a bit shorter than on the band’s former release “sense by erosion”, but other than that the music stays within the same realm the band has successfully developed over the last years, as a mixture of post-rock and emo, with some mathy and hardcore influences and a raw, passionate urge that is unique.

“…the vocal delivery is so visceral. I picture Vezzaro delivering his searing call to arms as he cries out to the universe, shouting out to any who will listen. This is often what comes to mind as I listen to Winter Dust’s music. The impassioned vocals of someone crying out to the void, with brilliant music that carries just as much power and emotion to match.”


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