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fallen clothing, lmi, stöj snak, eyelet…

… and more records from curse, tokenized, tomb warden,  hit-run drivers, bruised ego and street feet

autumn aka fall starts out quite warm, yet the nights are cold already, the best season for everything from tank tops to fleece hoodies and acoustic music to raging grind.

my 25% discount offer ends ocotber 5th, if you missed the deets please check september news

new from fallen footwear:

fallen – trooper zip hoodie
classic chris cole design on a high quality zip hoodie. small fallen front print, huge reaper backprint. this design has already been used back in 2011. you would recognize a classic, wouldn’t you?

new from maniyax records:

stöj snak – life, death and everything in between LP
12 tracks of heartfelt, folky troubadour-punk infused with plenty of raw energy and melodic catchiness.

lmi – excess subconscious LP
LMI are a dark hardcore / stoner punk trio from Lansdale, Pennsylvania. They blend the angular dissonance of Drive Like Jehu and the off-kilter energy of early Mastodon with heavy punk riffs akin to Poison Idea if they were potheads instead of drunks.

from fake crab records:

curse – metamorphism LP
a heady mix of darkwave, industrial and doom, blending delicate melodies with harsh and abrasive beats

eyelet – error(s) 10″
eyelet – nervewracker LP (restock)
screamo/melodic Post-Hardcore  from Baltimore, Maryland.

tokenized 7″
harcore-punk from baltimore, US

tomb warden / hit-run drivers / bruised ego / street feet four-way split 7″
4 grindcore bands on one piece of wax

the heads are zeros / neck first split 7″ (restock)
all-male metalcore vs a transcendent, female-fronted grindcore trio

enjoy the falling leaves!

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1″ buttons production, shipping to the USA, tricktape (shoe repair patches) and some records from kissed by an animal, lytic, matte black, lacing

1" buttons with your design

when I started being in bands one thing you HAD to have on your merch table were buttons. badges, pins, whatever you call them. so now your band/label/distro can be cool like in the early 2000’s again by getting a bunch of these. ORDER HERE

good news for all my american customers, from september 15th I can post smaller stuff to the US again. these will however go via sea mail, please be aware it will take longer than usual (4-5 weeks to reach the east coast)

after being in the mail from the US for quite a bit I finally have tricktape in stock! these are vegan friendly synthetic suede patches meant to repair/cover worn areas of skateshoes, however of course you can repair any other type of shoes as well. please check these out HERE

furthermore a few records have been added to the distro from handstand records:

kissed by an animal – s/t LP
Crunchy power chords, big hooks, and searing guitar leads, all sprinkled with some chewy bits of sonic weirdness make this release a charming and strangely familiar listen

lytic – one sided LP
New York City’s fourth most popular screamo/grind duo. Ex-members of Saetia, Off Minor, Daesu. Three epic tracks on a single-sided slab of white vinyl, with an embossed cover and crazy etching on the flipside.

matte black – psyche LP
In the four years since the release of Dust of This Planet, Brooklyn all-wave trio Matte Black has been honing its sound into something more direct and organic than ever before.

lacing – without CD
dark shoegaze with dramatic post-rock swells and nuanced noisy outbursts. Ethereal vocals compliment the icy clean guitar lines in a series of swirling waves before the storm of dark hooks and trembling discord.

the 25% discount promotion during september and amid the old wounds test press raffle is still going until october 4th, if you missed that deal check september news!
new items mentioned on this page are excluded from the discount, sorry!

usually I only post news once a month, but this month is busy, so I hope you are cool with it being bi-monthly this time

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25% discount and amid the old wounds test press raffle in september, new records from winter dust, lights & motion, rank/xerox, sport, radium grrrls

coming tuesday, september 1st my vegan alter ego will turn 10 years! that’s pretty sweet, and to celebrate I’ll offer 25% off everything except the new amid the old wounds 7″ and all skateboard stuff. minimum order is only €30

speaking of amid the old wounds, from all orders until september 30th I will pick a lucky winner of a free vignette 7″ test pressing. I will notify the winner in early october and he/she/they would only have to pay shipping to receive it, or combine with another order in the future.

I almost forgot the most important detail, please use this code at checkout to receive your discount:


this discount will be valid from now through the entire month of september

remember when I released this amazing postrock/posthardcore album entitled ‘sense by erosion’ by winter dust last year?

well guess what, this wasn’t the band’s first and only output, and I was finally able to snag some more copies of their 1st and 2nd vinyl release from france based voice of the unheard records. also if you like postrock, you might want to check out the lights & motion LP, too:

winter dust – thresholds LP
Thresholds is midway between an ep and an album, with a heavy, strong and foggy morning light on widened songs aiming to a final waking up.

winter dust – autumn years LP
With seven tracks of boldly emotional, genre blending post-rock, it’s no surprise that Autumn Years is as likeable as it is. Whereas most bands of the Explosions in the Sky ilk tend to find solace in tirelessly repeating the age old crescendo (four minutes to slowly build from nothing into a wall of fuzz and then, of course, doing it all over again), Winter Dust places more focus on actual songwriting

lights & motion – chronicle LP
Chronicle is the 3rd album from swedish genius Christoffer Franzen, the man behind Lights & Motion, after Reanimation and Save Your Heart, both out in 2013. The bar was set very high, but Chronicle brilliantly manages to surpass it, by getting yourself to a journey to the stars. Close your eyes, let the music flow through your body and enjoy the trip ! Chronicle was originally released in Jan 2015 by US indie label Deep Elm Records.

also I got some new records and restocks from adagio830 records:

radium grrrls – pro choice 7″
hardcore punk with powerviolence outbursts, infused with the attitude of the riot grrrl movement

rank / xerox – m.y.t.h. EP 12″
rank / xerox – mass transit mongo combo cassette
messy post-punk with hidden pop jams

sport – slow LP
catchy and melodic style of music that incorporates elements of punk, emo, and indie rock

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skateboarding stuff added to the shop (fallen shoes, footprint insoles, tricktape and allstargum)

I am excited to announce I have added a skateboarding section to the shop. Because I only just started this I can’t order big stock of items with different sizes. usually I would put these on backorder, but I can’t guarantee every size is available from the distributor at all times, and I don’t want to disappoint people. so if you are interested in these items please use the “get notified when this item is available!” option I added to the respective products and I will do my best to make your item available asap. thanks for your support!

I am going to sell only vegan products, from fallen footwear over footprint insoles, which can make your long days on your skateboard or dayjob more enjoyable by providing dampening and support to your feet. also because skateboarding and daily life in general can wear and tear your shoes down I got tricktape and allstargum, so you can make them last longer. please check out all skateboarding stuff here:

thanks <3


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new vinyl available from amid the old wounds, 55 deltic, the union ares, heksa, overo, bird calls/small bones and tapestry

amid the old wounds records have finally arrived from the pressing plant (not saying they were slow, I just was very impatiently waiting for them) and I’m super pleased with how the overall design and aesthetics turned out.

this is my very first solo record, and I couldn’t be more proud about it. three singer/songwriter acoustic guitar tunes heavily influenced by late 90’s/early 00’s acoustic emo music as performed by the new amsterdams, early dashboard confessional or the get up kids


also I got in some very nice records from the uk from sncl:

overo – s/t LP
(hardcore-emo with members of football, etc. and perfect future)
the union ares – songs from the north LP
(including members of carson wells)
heksa – cenizas LP
(scandinavian melodic punk like burning Kitchen, sju sju svåra ar or lucky malice)
55 deltic – you could own an american home LP
(wonderful slow emo)
tapestry – an invisible boundary, a set distance 7″ (pop-punk-emo)
bird calls / small bones split 7″ (classic british beaty screamy emo)


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still no shipping of small items to many countries including the US and australia

I know it’s annoying, but I still can’t post small orders via letter mail (under 2kg) to many countries. german post states it is due to receiving countries’ customs and postal services being severely restricted in what amount of post they can handle due to covid-19, which I can comprehend for countries with small popularity or wide open areas, but it is ridiculous concerning the US. I can send small orders to canada and mexico, but not to the US, while people from other countries (like belgium) can send to the US. so obviously it depends on whatever weird bureaucracy of old contracts exists between german post and usps. as if US customs would ever give a sh… about a 15€ letter mail…

anyway I’ve been expecting this to clear soon for too long and I got  a bunch of people waiting for their stuff already, and I will try to find a way to get your items to you asap.

programming these temporary restrictions into my shop system is difficult and time consuming, so I only did that for the US and Australia just now. shipping starts off expensive at first but stays the same for a lot of items then. if you place an order from any other country outside europe i might still have to get back in touch with you telling you i don’t know when i can ship it. if you need to be sure please get in touch or refer to this website:


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amid the old wounds – vignette out now digitally, 7″ available for preorder

three singer/songwriter acoustic guitar tunes heavily influenced by late 90’s/early 00’s acoustic emo music as performed by the new amsterdams, early dashboard confessional or the get up kids

for the first time since his songwriting dawn in the late 90’s daniel becker (known for his works as vocalist, guitarist and songwriter for duct hearts and wishes on a plane) takes a great leap backward to where he musically came from. just his voice, and his guitar. three songs written between sometime 2000 (long overdue, you might think) and 2020, finalized and tracked down during a covid-19 related slowdown of daily life on a hi end, yet fragile and imperfect living room recording serve their means as a portrait of someone who’s neither afraid of where he came from, nor where he is, nor where he is going.



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temple and koenich cassettes available now (also for trade)

temple - pond of remembrance cassette
temple - pond of remembrance cassette
koenich - early morning sailing cassette
koenich - early morning sailing cassette

franz kindermann has been a long time friend and contributor to many releases on this label and my personal musicianship. he has provided his thorough ear and poducing skills to improve the sound of many duct hearts recordings, even played bass on a few songs and live shows, released the LP of his former band plans for nobody on time as a color and also co-produced and mixed a new musical encounter of mine coming out this summer.

he’s been writing songs for a bunch of years now and finally tracked them down last year. what he came up with was a massive load of songs which he now released as two projects, one a more alternative, corporate rock thing entitled ‘temple’, musically pretty much picking up where he ended with plans for nobody, although with a lot more influences spread across many genres of modern electric guitar rock.

the other being a modern acoustic project entitled ‘koenich’, predominantly instrumental, spanning from almost classic guitar playing to typical moody inward turned singer/songwriter music with obvious influences from many genres including country and pop, some sad and dark, some uplifting, some both at the same time.
it even has a train song, if that isn’t going full circle on an emo label’s page I don’t know what is…

i’m happy to offer both these cassettes in the shop, also happy to trade these or offer to shops/distros at wholesale rates. of course all copies include a download code, but you can also purchase a digital download only from the artist directly




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new records from heaven in her arms, gillian carter, cranial, shizune, reka, joliette and more

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the work in artwork: wishes on a plane – unreleased LP out now and video streaming on youtube

If you’d like to learn about the process of handicraft and assembly of the LP artwork, please check out this video I added to youtube. The record is out now and can be streamed in full.

clocking in at a little over 30 minutes playing time these unearthed 5 songs, intitally recorded in 2005 show the band’s musical origins, before screamish and post influences kicked in and formed records like ‘this faint line’ (released in 2008). mostly influenced by classic mid 90s emo bands and recordings such as jimmy eat world’s ‘clarity’, texas is the reason’s ‘do you know who you are?’ or the get up kids’ and christie front drive’s entire discography, some 00’s pop punk like the ataris and a more mature take on emo like elliott on ‘false cathedrals’ we get a suprisingly poppy at times, yet fragile and imperfect record, unconventionally arranged, rough and rocking that deserved to rise from the old harddisk it hibernated on for almost 15 years.

also today (and today, may 1st, only) we are offering the record for name your price on bandcamp