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fallen clothing, lmi, stöj snak, eyelet…

… and more records from curse, tokenized, tomb warden,  hit-run drivers, bruised ego and street feet

autumn aka fall starts out quite warm, yet the nights are cold already, the best season for everything from tank tops to fleece hoodies and acoustic music to raging grind.

my 25% discount offer ends ocotber 5th, if you missed the deets please check september news

new from fallen footwear:

fallen – trooper zip hoodie
classic chris cole design on a high quality zip hoodie. small fallen front print, huge reaper backprint. this design has already been used back in 2011. you would recognize a classic, wouldn’t you?

new from maniyax records:

stöj snak – life, death and everything in between LP
12 tracks of heartfelt, folky troubadour-punk infused with plenty of raw energy and melodic catchiness.

lmi – excess subconscious LP
LMI are a dark hardcore / stoner punk trio from Lansdale, Pennsylvania. They blend the angular dissonance of Drive Like Jehu and the off-kilter energy of early Mastodon with heavy punk riffs akin to Poison Idea if they were potheads instead of drunks.

from fake crab records:

curse – metamorphism LP
a heady mix of darkwave, industrial and doom, blending delicate melodies with harsh and abrasive beats

eyelet – error(s) 10″
eyelet – nervewracker LP (restock)
screamo/melodic Post-Hardcore  from Baltimore, Maryland.

tokenized 7″
harcore-punk from baltimore, US

tomb warden / hit-run drivers / bruised ego / street feet four-way split 7″
4 grindcore bands on one piece of wax

the heads are zeros / neck first split 7″ (restock)
all-male metalcore vs a transcendent, female-fronted grindcore trio

enjoy the falling leaves!