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rise above dead, autarch, wojtek and lingua serpente

rise above dead - ulro LP
wojtek - hymn for the leftovers 12" EP
lingua serpente - anachronistic futuristic 12"

new vinyl from shove records has just arrived and is available in the shop:

rise above dead – ulro LP
post-rock / post-metal from italy. eternal gold vinyl in gatefold cover

wojtek – hymn for the leftovers 12″ EP
post-metal/stoner, wonderful insanely elaborate 3 color screenprinted artwork with 2 color screenprinted inlay.

autarch – the light escaping LP
The Light Escaping is the second LP from Autarch. 6 songs of sci-fi influenced emotive, melodic crust with themes of loss, resilience, and defiance in the face of ascendant fascism. colored vinyl available

lingua serpente – anachronistic futuristic 12″
dirty garagy hardcore-punk with a bit of a dischord vibe. red vinyl, screenprinted b-side