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new records by odessa, crossed/vibora, riah and only

…and a restock of the very popular tromblon LP have arrived from shove records

odessa – costi / benefici 12″ EP
Odessa’s sound is a personal and unique blend of classic Dischord, Ebullition, Gravity stuff. beautiful die cut sleeve

crossed / vibora – pena split 7″
Born out of the mutual friendship, “PENA” marks an immense and captivating return for one of the most intense, genre blending hardcore bands from Spain. the outer plastic sleeves are screenprinted, which looks amazing

riah – a man and his nature CD
RIAH (Ropes Inside a Hole) are coming back after few years from their debut album “AUTUMNALIA” and from the split “RIAHPSTVRT” with Postvorta (both of those LPs are still in stock as well) with a new Line up and a refreshed spirit.

only – I cassette
(missing in the picture, sorry!)
partly frantic, partly desperate hardcore-screamo from italy. 100 copies made

tromblon – je me fiche d’être français LP
great dark screamo with atmoshperic bits from france