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RIAH (Ropes Inside a Hole) are coming back after few years from their debut album “AUTUMNALIA” and from the split “RIAHPSTVRT” with Postvorta with a new Line up and a refreshed spirit.


For everyone the quarantine has been a peculiar period, but has brough to the band new ideas, inspirations and feelings to compose “A MAN AND HIS NATURE”. The distance let RIAH produce in a more focused way, as well as gave them the opportunity to work with people from afar, in fact the album hosts Hernan Paulitti’s Violin, the jazz master William Suvanne ‘s saxophone, Francesco “Fresco” Cellini ‘s cello, Mohammed Ashfarf ‘s synth and the incredible voice of Daniel Loefgren from Suffocate For Fuck Sake, with which the group is planning to continue the collaboration by making the band a collective between Italy and Sweden

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