wojtek – hymn for the leftovers 12″ EP



wonderful insanely elaborate 3 color screenprinted artwork with 2 color screenprinted inlay. the silver print can be a little blurry/smudged which is a common issue with silver screenprints

listen to the record here:

The fuzzy guitar sound will rip your head off, believe me… and check out the bass in the intro of Curse and Striving, goosebumps all over! Drum sound has improved as well, snare and bass drum are more emphasized. In short, the new material sounds much-much heavier compared to the previous one, and the whole sound is so alive you can almost see the guys playing.

Now, for the songwriting part. The band added backing vocals that augment Mattia’s angry screaming & shouting very well. And there’s more. You can observe harmonies throughout the EP, which are sometimes post-metal (Honestly), sometimes stoner-ish (Crawling), or doomy (Curse), but always heavy. Of course there are massive sludgy riffs of the Wojtek kind, and parts with disharmony that sound very organic, check the ominous Catch 33-esque lead in Honestly, for example.


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