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new vinyl by respire, catacombe, rýr and toundra

Some great records have just arrived from narshardaa records, especially if you are into the heavier side of postrock this may be something for you:

toundra – II 2xLP
even if TOUNDRA are slowing down sometimes, they are kicking ass like a perfect new formed band outta the ashes of KYUSS and RUSSIAN CIRCLES and this without rocking the same boring riffs for hours and hours. Another band nobody is talking about, which is destroying almost every other band playing similar shit now and forever.

catacombe – scintilla LP
redefining post-rock with deeper harmonies and hypnotic, unpredictable rhythms – there are heartwarming breaches of light cutting through the massive walls of sound.

rýr – left fallow LP
“left fallow” combines crushing and heavy riffs with spherical clean sounds in a non-standard yet intuitive way to balance different sets of emotions within individual songs.

respire – dénouement LP (half red/half black vinyl)
his record… is an attempt at closure. a reflection on a decade spent gasping underwater. a reflection on trauma, addiction, guilt…

respire – black line cassette
A band embodying the notion of community is a sight for sore eyes as the world moves into post-2020; Canada’s Respire stands firm as one of the most forceful in the realm of new screamo and post-hardcore bands, pushing what it means to encourage diversity and representation within the roots of art.