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new vinyl by eyes of tomorrow, nordend, by a storm, ash return, new hate rising

some classic hardcore releases from fellow german label dedication records have just been added to the shop.

eyes of tomorrow – settle for more LP
If you are into Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, Madball or Sick Of It All then you really should be adding the name of Eyes Of Tomorrow to the list but then you know that already, don’t you?

why not combine an order with the band’s debut 7″ from 2018:
eyes of tomorrow – gone for good 7″

nordend – gegenwind LP
metallic hardcore, mixed with samples, breadowns and singalongs. limited to 100 copies

by a storm – your voice your weapon LP
German oldschool Hardcore rooted in the NYHC scene. Think Agnostic Front mixed with Sick Of It All mixed with Madball and then add some German HC school a lä Rykers/Miozan and you get an idea. Their second album.

ash return – the sharp blood of integrity LP
Consistent heaviness with catchy melodies, hardcore and metal easily form a symbiosis, blitzing guitar solos with fist raising singalongs, diverse vocals extending from deep growls and hardcore shouting to virtuoso Bruce Dickinson heights doing the rest. Hardcore will be Hardcore!

new hate rising – miles LP
From rock to metal to hardcore, NEW HATE RISING remain true to their style and their versatility is reflected in each of the twelve new songs.

manifestation / relations split 7″
manifestation play aggressive hardcore with a lot of oldschool influence and a bit of 80s metal, relations play a pissed off style of hardcore influenced metal with german lyrics