respire – dénouement LP (half red/half black vinyl)


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his record… is an attempt at closure. a reflection on a decade spent gasping underwater. a reflection on trauma, addiction, guilt…

listen to the record:

…yet it is in practice of something else: a wanting to let go. to open up. to find within. to take back agency and reveal this wounded self untethered. to expel this haunting of our hearts… the corrosive rotting of the ego… the pain we lose ourselves in. this presence… these streets… these scars… no longer hold us. this record, this attempt at catharsis… is to let you know that if you’ve ever felt the sentiments expressed here, you’re not alone… we feel the same emptiness. wherever there is hurt, there is a chance for the reverse: connection. whenever you feel alone, remember that in this life, we are only alone when we isolate ourselves. when we let our pain possess us. poison us… to those living with this spectre, we see you… your trauma, your scars… are as valid to us as our own. we hope our effort to lay bare this framework helps to break the cycle of isolation. we will reach the light… together…

artwork is near mint to mint. cover has no donged corners or ring wear, may show some minor stress lines or marks from storage. inlay zine may show bent corner.

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