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skateboarding stuff added to the shop (fallen shoes, footprint insoles, tricktape and allstargum)

I am excited to announce I have added a skateboarding section to the shop. Because I only just started this I can’t order big stock of items with different sizes. usually I would put these on backorder, but I can’t guarantee every size is available from the distributor at all times, and I don’t want to disappoint people. so if you are interested in these items please use the “get notified when this item is available!” option I added to the respective products and I will do my best to make your item available asap. thanks for your support!

I am going to sell only vegan products, from fallen footwear over footprint insoles, which can make your long days on your skateboard or dayjob more enjoyable by providing dampening and support to your feet. also because skateboarding and daily life in general can wear and tear your shoes down I got tricktape and allstargum, so you can make them last longer. please check out all skateboarding stuff here:

thanks <3