duct hearts – so the walls fell silent


collection of songs that were released on singles, splits and compilations between 2009 an 2018. Basically this is all the band has released so far except the feathers LP


the sun downed. and so did we. (excerpt a)
from time as a color – X compilation LP
the sun downed. and so did we. (excerpt b)
from the 4-way split 12″ with moss rose, caton & ophelie and child meadow
enduring war
from the split 6″ with tdoafs
if you prick us, do we not bleed?
from the 7″ with the same title
i’m a cat person
from the divided by water 2×7″ compilation with human hands, careless, trembling hands and coma regalia
from the split 7″ with laube
been there
from the split 7″ with lorraine, dotlights and the daydream fit
from the split 7″ with mio
this has taken way too long
from the my heart in your hand 10″ with manku kapak, asthenia, nebraska and human hands
been there (acoustic)
from the leave nothing but footprints… 7″ with the rabbit theory, kids return and eucalypt
shell (acoustic)
which was a bonus track on the 2009-2014 cassette version

this is a digital release only, available via youtube, deezer, tidal and all other major and many small platforms from april 15th 2021.

here’s some links to some platforms:



all songs are available on bandcamp seperately, so we didn’t make it available through bc once more.

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