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SCHÖNESENDE is a one man project from Matthew Bunkell, member in bands like LIGHT BEARER and MOMENTUM. What you get is post black metal with high pitched screaming vocals and a melancholy atmosphere in general.
Schönesende is a musical and prose project designed to explore and discuss the Human condition. It sounds powerfull and has also a bit of this cold harshness from standard black metal acts, but there is no satanic & esoteric bullshit behind this project, no glorification of war or destruction. Bunkell himself said:
“Schönesende holds no left hand path or spiritual practice; neither does it sympathize with oppressive and tyrannical ideals. This project, and its exploration of subjects of violence, tyranny, and oppression is not an apologist’s view but a way of critically looking at what we do and why we do them.”

300 copies on 180gr, BLACK vinyl w/ black inner sleeves
matte heavy cardboard gatefold sleeve cover
including downloadcode

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