altar of complaints / seek / stubborn father / thetan 4-way split 12″


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Years in the making, this fall sees the most anticipated split between Nashville and Osaka ever released. Stubborn Father and SeeK (both from Osaka, Japan) mix it up with Altar of Complaints and Thetan (both from Nashville, TN), providing listeners with a raw look into the cutting edge of both scenes. Also on the cutting edge, the vinyl process uses experimental etched labels, one of the new techniques pioneered by Black Matter Mastering. The vinyl was pressed in 4 limited colors that will be gone before you know it.

Altar of Complaints formed from members of so many Nashville groups like Cease Upon The Capitol, Dolcim, Dawn, and Karoshi. Truly a super-group, this foursome wraps up some of the best sounds of the aforementioned bands into one heavy, swirly, post-everything screamo monsterpiece.

SeeK spent 2014 as their busiest year yet, touring through Asia, recording an album (their first full length), and prepping their 2015 onslaught. After two EPs, they’ve honed their sound down to the brutal, primal essentials and their new songs are basically irresistible. Armed with dual bassists, epic song structures, and earth-shattering vocals, SeeK’s newest output marks their best yet.

Stubborn Father has been stretching the boundaries of extreme music for over 15 years, and they’re just getting started. Releasing several EPs and splits exclusively in Japan, this will be Stubborn Father’s first original recording released outside of Japan. 2014 saw MeatCubeLabel releasing a collection of most of their output over the years, introducing the world to one of Japan’s best kept secrets. Now revealed, Stubborn Father is prepared to take over the extreme music scene.

Thetan from the ashes of the legendary Nashville group, Sanctions. After the guitarist left, the remaining two members morphed their sound and within months Thetan was formed. With a sound composing of two members going on ten, Thetan threatens the bowels of many a show-goer, with thundering bass powered by dual rigs and punishing drums. Vocals provided by Dan (bass) communicate a grueling existence, screaming, growling, and shouting.

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