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There are bands that forge your musical tastes. Bands that you listen to and change your life immediately. This is what happened when I first listened to Another Thousand Days Out Of This World by Tang, that was released in 2006. The power and melodies of post hardcore, with voices filled with emotions, and a production that fitted perfectly, I was hooked. And the release of Dynamite Drug Diamond in 2012 confirmed the talent of these french guys.

We are now in 2017, and I couldn’t be prouder of releasing the new EP, entitled And Still No Sunrise, on vinyl. 5 songs (the first one being an introduction), that is not much. But God it feels good to hear them again. The Tang sound is recognizable, and the work of composition is once again brilliant. So for the first time, their music gets the vinyl treatment, and I hope it will be up to the amazingness of their music.

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