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amid the old wounds floppy disk and mira 7″

during preparation of some wishes on a plane re/releases I unearthed this 3 track demo song presumably recorded sometime november/december 2004. I’ve given this to a compilation before but wanted it to have a physical release too, so I made some floppy disks in spraypainted guitar string envelopes which I will randomly throw in with orders or distribute to other places while supplies last. I ran out of envelopes now but will make more copies in the future. physical copies are meant to be name-your-price benefitting my friend franz @ koenichsound, who has been a constant supporter of amid the old wounds since day one, please consider supporting him by buying a download of the song or our collaborative project ‘their something borrowed, glory’ from his bandcamp

furthermore I received some copies of the beautiful
mira 7″
it’s a one-sided 7″ with music by members of manku kapak, kubiak, they sleep we live and ilill, includes a zine with lyrics and a CD-R with the same songs. hefty elaborate packaging with wood/lino-cut covers