chalk hands – burrows & other hideouts 7″



following their highly praised debut LP from early 2022  we are proud to provide well deserved vinyl treatment to the band’s first ever release, their 2-song EP “burrows & other hideouts”

release date is september 14th 2022, orders including this record will ship in time to arrive roughly that day

listen to the record:

Chalk Hands, double-handedly (pun intended) wipes the slate clean and reinvents screamo. Drawing similarities to Pianos Become The Teeth, Envy, Folly, maybe even a more structured Fear Before The March of Flames, UK’s Chalk Hands strike gold with their  EP. Filled with melodic, emotionally settling/unsettling (yes, they do both), clean indie riffs, these four musical geniuses from Brighton are quick to give you an aneurysm with their spastic and drastic changes of instrumental build ups into cataclysmic and passionate gang vocals. For those of you that need to be rattled, let Chalk Hands shake you up a bit. While only two songs, it’s all you need and probably all you can handle.
(new noise magazine)

EU variant (/200) comes in thick kraft paper with black print, US / UK variant (150) comes in creamish paper with blueish print. all copies come in black vinyl and include an inlay with lyrics and credits

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