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temple and koenich cassettes available now (also for trade)

temple - pond of remembrance cassette
temple - pond of remembrance cassette
koenich - early morning sailing cassette
koenich - early morning sailing cassette

franz kindermann has been a long time friend and contributor to many releases on this label and my personal musicianship. he has provided his thorough ear and poducing skills to improve the sound of many duct hearts recordings, even played bass on a few songs and live shows, released the LP of his former band plans for nobody on time as a color and also co-produced and mixed a new musical encounter of mine coming out this summer.

he’s been writing songs for a bunch of years now and finally tracked them down last year. what he came up with was a massive load of songs which he now released as two projects, one a more alternative, corporate rock thing entitled ‘temple’, musically pretty much picking up where he ended with plans for nobody, although with a lot more influences spread across many genres of modern electric guitar rock.

the other being a modern acoustic project entitled ‘koenich’, predominantly instrumental, spanning from almost classic guitar playing to typical moody inward turned singer/songwriter music with obvious influences from many genres including country and pop, some sad and dark, some uplifting, some both at the same time.
it even has a train song, if that isn’t going full circle on an emo label’s page I don’t know what is…

i’m happy to offer both these cassettes in the shop, also happy to trade these or offer to shops/distros at wholesale rates. of course all copies include a download code, but you can also purchase a digital download only from the artist directly