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still no shipping of small items to many countries including the US and australia

I know it’s annoying, but I still can’t post small orders via letter mail (under 2kg) to many countries. german post states it is due to receiving countries’ customs and postal services being severely restricted in what amount of post they can handle due to covid-19, which I can comprehend for countries with small popularity or wide open areas, but it is ridiculous concerning the US. I can send small orders to canada and mexico, but not to the US, while people from other countries (like belgium) can send to the US. so obviously it depends on whatever weird bureaucracy of old contracts exists between german post and usps. as if US customs would ever give a sh… about a 15€ letter mail…

anyway I’ve been expecting this to clear soon for too long and I got  a bunch of people waiting for their stuff already, and I will try to find a way to get your items to you asap.

programming these temporary restrictions into my shop system is difficult and time consuming, so I only did that for the US and Australia just now. shipping starts off expensive at first but stays the same for a lot of items then. if you place an order from any other country outside europe i might still have to get back in touch with you telling you i don’t know when i can ship it. if you need to be sure please get in touch or refer to this website: