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clocking in at a little over 30 minutes playing time these unearthed 5 songs, intitally recorded in 2005 show the band’s musical origins, before screamish and post influences kicked in and formed records like ‘this faint line’ (released in 2008). mostly influenced by classic mid 90s emo bands and recordings such as jimmy eat world’s ‘clarity’, texas is the reason’s ‘do you know who you are?’ or the get up kids’ and christie front drive’s entire discography, some 00’s pop punk like the ataris and a more mature take on emo like elliott on ‘false cathedrals’ we get a suprisingly poppy at times, yet fragile and imperfect record, unconventionally arranged, rough and rocking that deserved to rise from the old harddisk it hibernated on for almost 15 years.

these 5 songs deal with thoughts or fears of two people being no perfect match but intertwined so deeply you find it difficult to embrace a life on your own. questioning if you know at all what love is, or even more so, what not loving feels like, and how to know when love is gone.


this noise is ours was so kind to sit down with us for an interview, talking about releasing one first song digitally, and the band in general
read the interview here

watch a lyrics video to a snippet of “… at the heart of my everything”:

100 CDs were made, which come in kraft paper/card with glued on photographs and handstamped lettering and include a 21×21 cm lyrics inlay cut into 4 small squares. they are handnumbered. #1-29 come in gatefold covers (this version is exclusive to distribution via sonic rendezvous or record stores), #30-79 come in envelope covers, the rest come in folder covers. the last around 10 of these are promotional copies, which are not handnumbered)

if you would like to purchase a digital copy of this release, please click here

art direction and window cover photos by daniel becker
inlay layout by andreas gebauer


I have a confession to make; I was lucky enough to get an early listen to these songs late last year. I was on my Christmas break at the time and couldn’t have picked a better moment to listen to them. Hearing them again now takes me back to that period and I instantly recognise record opener ‘Your Place Is Still…’ with it’s clean vocals and easy-going instrumentation. It’s more post-rock and than post-hardcore and seeing as Wishes On A Plane was the band that laid the foundations for Duct Hearts, you can definitely hear where the latter evolved.
‘Perfect’ was the song I premiered last year and I still love it. It’s a mix loud rock, with maybe an ounce of dissonance, while gentle vocals set a calming mood over the top. The instrumentation is given a lot of room to breath here and the mixing/mastering gives new life to a batch of songs that were originally recorded nearly fifteen years ago, except for the vocals, that were recorded last year.
‘…At The Heart Of My Everything’ slows the pace down with lovely soulful guitar melodies that are soon joined by equally good bass lines. It’s not an acoustic song but it is stripped down for the most part, until around the final minute or so when the percussion kicks in and the driving tempo pulls you into a dramatic end.
From here on in WOAP’s songs get longer and longer, but with the length comes greater musicianship and musical expanse. ‘Just Enough Space To Fit’ is stripped down as well but it’s also very upbeat throughout it’s near seven-and-a-half minutes. It’s quite far removed from the music that you might associated with Time As A Colour (in some ways) but given the creative minds involved in both entities, it’s not a surprise. It draws from their emo/indie influences as well as there post-hardcore ones.
The album’s closer ‘Release’ is everything that’s good about this ever blurring sub-genre. Talking about the UK, bands like Funeral For A Friend (Hours onwards), Hell Is For Heroes and Hundred Reasons come to mind when thinking about it and while I don’t have any real knowledge of the equivalent scene in Germany, Wishes On A Plane would probably have been up there with those aforementioned bands had I stumbled across them earlier. I know that the comparison may be a little bit off-centre but this is a great record and posthumous or not, WOAP deserves to be talked about in  equally high esteem.
(this noise is ours)
5 older, moody and ethereal songs that evoke emotions and capture the magnitude of seemingly frail songs that in fact connect much stronger than just on a purely musical level.

Gut Ding will Weile haben. Instrumente und ein paar Vocals wurden bereits im Sommer 2005 sowie 2006 aufgenommen, ehe das “Unreleased”-Album schließlich mit den Vocals im Februar 2019 fertig aufgenommen worden ist. Aber das merkt der/die Hörer*in natürlich nicht. Die fünf Songs sind zeitlos gute Heart to the Core-Perlen, die mit persönlichen Gedanken/Reflexionen ausgeschmückt wurden. Ausgedehnte Passagen mit viel Tiefgang, Melancholie und dem rhythmischen Drive, um die hippieske Stimmung auch mal turbulent zu gestalten. Gitarrenerbtone instrumentale Elemente, die wie Schmetterlinge davonfliegen und Tagträume beflügeln (“…at the heart of my everything”), die aber auch mal Ecken und Kanten besitzen, dass mensch wieder hart auf den Boden der Tatsachen landet. Wishes on a plane skizzieren und lautmalen ein persönliches Klangbild mit Pastelltönen und vielfach leisen und stillen Passagen, aber auch Referenzen zu stilprägenden Bands wie Texas Is The Reason und Sunny Real Estate, um dem Emo auch mal etwas Grunge/Post-HC reinzupumpen.
(underdog fanzine)

This song is utterly gorgeous. The angelic singing is most prominent, especially when doubled up or intertwined with backups, and the instrumentals swing the song in and out of a very catchy chorus. It’s still emo with a touch of post-hardcore but manages to bridge the gap into stronger, fuller and damn-near alternative/post-rock territory. I’ve heard the entire release and if you like this song, you’ll love the release.
(open minds/saturated brain about “your place is still…”)

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