love me when i’m gone – a tribute to ross harman compilation 2xLP


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Musician, artist and sushi chef Ross Harman took his own life on September 6th, 2010. One year later, fifteen bands assembled to pay tribute through covers of his music as both member of the synth-pop duo The Gaskets, and as a solo artist known as Ballpoint Pens. This compilation features Jim O’Brien/Schnitzel, White Laces, Greenland, Thomas Danbury, Brian Grosz, Shannon Clearly, Emily Chapman, Teddy Blanks, Novios, Teddy Blanks & Ross Harman, James Wallace, The Atkinsons, The Ex-Patriots, Igor & Patrick, Self, The Rabbits, VCR, The Gaskets, and Ballpoint Pens.

Track List

Jim O’Brien/Schnitzel – Symphony
White Laces – Calcutta
Greenland – Oh Wholly
Thomas Danbury – Say What You Will
Brian Grosz – Oh Lord
Thomas Danbury – Vain
Shannon Clearly – Missed Connections
Emily Chapman – What’s That Noise Around
Teddy Blanks – I Will Find You
Novios – Right Here
Teddy Blanks & Ross Harman – This That & The Other
James Wallace – Arthur
The Atkinsons – Left Hand
The Ex-Patriots – Tell Me Not To Worry
Igor & Patrick – Structure Fire
Self – Posture
The Rabbits – Nine Times Out of Ten
VCR – Robot Love
The Gaskets – Appliances (Remix by Miguel Urbiztondo)
Ballpoint Pens – Love Me When I’m Gone

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