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SPORT was recommended by Johnny Marr in an AMA he did on a popular website. There is a rumor going around that he has taste. So, I went out on a limb and looked into Colors. That is how I was turned onto SPORT.(Thank you, John. I’m sure you’re reading this and care deeply.) The first thing I learned about SPORT is the ambiguity of their moniker renders search engines worthless. You can use the word a number of different ways. Pick which one works for you, if you’re listening I’m sure it works for the band. All I found was a humble page to download the LP at a price of my choosing. What I do know is they are one of the best things to come out of France since…Denim?(yes, apparently France came up with that.)

Barcelona, 1992 opens Colors and makes it clear how they do things: Directly and at a brisk pace. Indie-punk as advertised. The songs feel a lot longer than they look but the wonderful thing is its not because they drag on. Every note and shout seems to have validity and depth. It holds your attention. The vocal dynamic is very well done. A prime example of this is the end of St.Louis,1904. “Dear summer I hate you so!”, is yelled and replied in agreement. Its a simple line that you almost can’t help but echo or reply to with,”Its been a cold damn winter.” upon repeat listens. The tempo changes on this song are seamless They flash their technical prowess modestly throughout the whole album but always keep focus on staying tight and to the point.

If you haven’t noticed by now the titles of the songs are cities and corresponding years for the Olympic games. Except for Annecy,2018. The french commune lost out to Pyeongchang to host the 2018 winter games. I suppose the band is at liberty to make their own revisions.

The album closes with the play by play audio of Pedro Alvarez’s first career grand slam. A home run that also won the game for The Pirates. Such a great way to end it. Its a moment that illustrates the magic and excitement of the game. Those who don’t care for baseball will usually say they don’t like the slow pace. If you’ve ever sat through a game its hard to disagree. However, fans will tell you these moments are why you put in the time. Moments like those are the payoff for a lot of hard work and commitment. Colors is an album that feels like summer. It reminds you how important a moment can be. SPORT did this one for the love of the game.

Catch the fever!!…Then burn up and die from it because, I hate you.

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