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Nihiling seem to originate from a genre, generally referred to as „Post-Rock“. The hype of that genre is over, but Nihiling are here to stay. The band has changed a lot since their first release in 2006, but their origins in Post-Rock are still evident. Quiet melodies alternate with heavy parts. Beauty is always something that can be destroyed anytime.

This is music that can be labeld as „sad“ or „melancholic“, but that is indeed just one impression of Nihiling’s new album. The four musicians behind Nihiling originate from Hamburg and don’t care about genres or labels anyway; it’s just all about writing music that is exciting and moving.

But nonetheless you can’t ignore the musical proximity to Progrock in the vein of Oceansize, even though Indie-Pop influences are all over Nihiling’s third self titled album. Therefore we witness on „Do Not Make Me Axe You Again“ what might happen if someone provided The XX with a distortion-pedal.

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