marshall teller / halftime parade split 7″


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halftime parade crank out a haphazard, upbeat, punky indie rocker. an utter blast of jawbreaker meets superchunk kind of stuff with great, ragged vocals. marshall teller contrast on the other side with gruff vocalled misery in the broccoli vein. their most emo effort to date, so good!

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Exeter’s own Marshall Teller and Halftime Parade offer up an incredible slice of wax. Marshall Teller plays gruff vocal yet melodic indie punk that meshes together the influences of Leatherface, Broccoli, and Small Brown Bike.While on the flip side Halftime Parade does an absolute brilliant job of cherry picking the best aspects of Urusei Yatsura and Pavement to make this best indie rock my ears have heard since the 90s.

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