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Hailing from the center and the sprawl of Southern California, MARRON takes its chief inspiration from the area’s highly racialized landscape of inequity, tragedy, and beauty. But while SoCal is the home, DC hardcore rings throughout the chords, and these veteran members of bands such as ESPERANZA, MUGRE, and DESCARADOS bring a new kind of fire to their emotive sound. Owing as much influence to bands like SWIZ as to the political writings of ALBERT MEMMI, MARRON brings a new wave of sound and race-critical perspectives to punk and hardcore that will make you want to dance and decolonize! However, you will need none of these references to be moved by the music contained in this record. Includes download in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

I picked up a few copies of the new LP by this SoCal band (whose demo tape we carried a while back) because the comparison to Swiz caught my attention when I was going through the list of new releases from one of my distributors. Well, I just listened and man, this thing really does sound Swiz… in fact, it’s almost eerie how much it does. It kind of makes me wonder how that came about… did they set out to form a band with a heavy Swiz influence, or did they just recognize that their singer sounds a lot like Shawn Brown and decide to play up that aspect of their sound? However it came about, this really does have all of the best parts of Swiz… in other words, it’s hardcore punk (i.e. fast all the time), but incorporates some melody and some more complex riffing in the guitars. As was the case with a lot of Revolution Summer bands, this is kind of a more “mature” take on hardcore punk, but the energy and passion are still there, they’re just divorced from any kind of overt thuggishness. I think it’s the fact that they really capture that spirit (or maybe because sounding so much like them is an accident) that keeps Marron from sounding like a boring copy of Swiz… so, if any of that intrigues you I highly encourage you to check this out as you won’t be disappointed.

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