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wishes on a plane – self titled available for digital preorder

after receiving great response on the posthumous wishes on a plane record “unreleased” in spring 2020 the band decided to unearth more songs that were self-released back in 2003, mostly to a small audience of friends, family, and visitors of local shows.
this self titled EP was their first actual release and shows the band’s earlier songwriting stages with a softer and more straight forward, introverted, almost shy style of songwriting, arrangement and production. The songs were remixed and remastered keeping both an eye on portraying the soul and feel of the original recording, but also providing modern sound aesthetic.

digital release only, releases May 15 2021 on bandcamp


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duct hearts – so the walls fell silent out now!

this is a digital release of a collection of songs that were released on singles, splits and compilations between 2009 an 2018. Basically it is all the band has released so far except the feathers LP:

the sun downed. and so did we. (excerpt a)
the sun downed. and so did we. (excerpt b)
enduring war
if you prick us, do we not bleed?
i’m a cat person
been there
this has taken way too long
been there (acoustic)
shell (acoustic)

digital release only, available via youtube, deezer, tidal and all other major and many small streaming platforms from april 15th 2021. I am going to add links to platforms to the following page as soon as they become available:

duct hearts – so the walls fell silent