wishes on a plane – perfect 3″ CD-R


initially recorded in 2005, this song finally sees the day of light 14 years later. expect a mixture of pop unknown, jimmy eat world on clarity and elliott on false cathedrals

listen to the song:

promotional single released digitally and as a limited mini-CD-R available for free when you order something from the time as a color webstore (while supplies last)
42 copies copies come in a spraypainted and handstamped mini-canvas
40 come in kraft C6 sized envelopes
18 come in gray C6 sized envelopes
all include an inlay with lyrics and liner notes
this song will appear on a vinyl release scheduled for spring 2020, it is offered for name your price, if you can please pay a little something and help making this vinyl release happen. thank you

released December 19, 2019

‘perfect’ was written and performed by Andreas Gebauer, Josef Westermayr, Paul Meyer and Daniel Becker.
instruments and few vocals recorded by Daniel Becker in summer 2005.
most vocals recorded by Daniel Becker in february 2019
mixed and mastered by Roland Wiegner at Tonmeisterei, Oldenburg in november and december 2019

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