winter dust – sense by erosion 2xLP



rough postrock in an unlikely and unreasonably unmodern style, more like a hardcore band taking a few steps down, building songs on melodies, rather than on riffs, leaving a song air to breathe and to unfold, over getting to the point quickly. the sparse use of vocals and their sound, as well as the overall sound, arrangement and feel remind me a lot of how the appleseed cast sounded on mare vitalis and low level owl.

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300 copies pressed on gold (150) and black (150) vinyl, beautiful inside out printed gatefold cover

sense by erosion is one of these records that carries this positive melancholy which makes you want to cry. not cry as a symptom of desperation; cry as a symptom of healing.
this record speaks out to the man in tears, saying it is going to be ok.
I’ve been that man. and I’m glad this record found me

It’s a record about leaving people, leaving places
parting ways, losing things
Every song in the album is like a slow walk, through hostile territories sometimes, to reach a moment where things finally make sense

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