the solexine chapter / cheval / i was a cosmonaut hero split LP


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The solexine chapter:

You can hardly be dissappointed by a three-way split LP. Even if one band isn’t that interesting there are two more bands to compensate it. In the case of this split LP all three French bands are worth to check out. Each band contributes two tunes. After the first listen it’s hard to distinguish which song is written by which groups, because they all play a very simular brand of music rooted in the sound of post-rock, screamo and post-hardcore. The Solexine Chapter combine atmospheric guitar melodies with really innovative, heavy pounding drum beats and grim screaming vocals.  Cheval sound a little bit straighter and more punchy. Their heavy style of hardcore with it’s hints of Botch like mathcore shows some simularities to Achilles. Last but not least I Was A Cosmonaut Hero nail down two more tunes of screamo and emo influenced hardcore. Think of a product of Aussitot Mort and This Will Destroy You. A very good three-way split LP. No filler, all killer!

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