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black screenprinted (both sides) vinyl. the 12″ has been cut on the outer part only, leaving a big 7″ sized empty space in the middle, which has been screenprinted. pretty cool.

merging from a country that has seen more than it’s fair share of hardship and a hardcore scene that is flourishing in the face of adversity, Kids Insane are a band that truly encapsulate what it means to be punk – voicing political opinions no matter how controversial, and set to a tirade of dense hardcore riffs and frantic drums.

The five track record epitomises the spirit of punk, with lyrics that depict a corrupt justice system, being beaten by the cops in the street and at hardcore shows, experiencing the monotony of election after election whilst watching winning politicians merely “oil the gears of this crooked machine”. At least those are the experiences of Kids insane, and that’s what their incredible brand new tracks Dear Politics and Just Ice relate to.

Kids Insane met Mateo from Slander in 2013, when he offered the band a show in Venice, where they got to witness first hand the thriving Italian hardcore movement. It was then that they decided to team up to release a split 12” record and embark on an ambitious release tour around Italy together.

Slander’s fierce breed of old-school hardcore punk references the Venice hardcore scene that has seen them grow, whilst calling out the fakers on the EP’s debut single Give All: “The song ends with the line “only suckers give up”. That’s because there are many people that walk through this musical scene like actors across a stage. All they do is get in, talk and get out. That stuff don’t apply to us. This movement is all we got…”

sleeve shows very slight corner wear. barely noticeable but I wanted to mention

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