experimental dental school / blown paper bags split 7″


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7″ split between Blown Paper Bags (from genova, italy) and Experimental Dental School (ca, usa), under the flag of a bizzarre garage punk carnival, – after being on tour together in italy a couple of months ago. Blown Paper Bags (featuring members of former local indie Bands as Lo-Fi Sucks and more) sound like B52’s strucked by a Nintendo console, sort of proto-punk music, with a boy leading lyrics, and girl+girl backing vocals, – in a frenetic frenzy-dance attitude (although Krautcore vs. Blogbore is totally nerve-racking with its homicidal end), – i mean, it’s ‘the best party in town‘, especially on White Ties – You cannot stand still, – You’ll dance. – Experimental Dental School have a dissonant warmer sound, with massive organ contorsions, as well also satured sounds, – a 60s retrò taste, psychedelia, shadows of The Residents and creepy cartoons.. – Well, these two Bands well match together in a 7″, animal, throbbling kaleidoscopic, pop.

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