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The Fallen Ones (Album) by Collapse Under The Empire

There’s much to admire on The Fallen Ones, which really feels much more of a cohesive album than some of the band’s previous efforts, giving us as listener’s this vision of a futuristic apocalyptic world where everything is epic and grandiose, with us at the centre of everything happening all around us. There’s a wonderful flow from track to track as well, giving the album that sense of cohesiveness and interconnectivity. What is of worry though is just how much this album begins to sound like Mogwai at times. Whilst the more synth elements help break away from the tiresome tropes of the post-rock genre, it feels that at times, Collapse Under the Empire haven’t really innovated much in their own way, and seem to instead follow the current trends others are beginning to establish.

At times, it feels Collapse Under the Empire struggle to really find their identity in their music. On some tracks, it comes through brilliantly as we buy into what the band present, though at other times, the vague elements that feel too much like other bands breaks the experience, and what could have been an incredible album comes across more as a good one. In spite of it though, when it works, it works, and there is much that can be enjoyed from Collapse Under the Empire, who certainly pack a wild and epic punch when they want too.

With other post-rock bands trailing horribly behind amidst their repeated tropes, Collapse Under the Empire at least seem to be attempting to incorporate new ideas, and whilst at times it’s a little misguided, it’s certainly better than the alternative, and in this case has still managed to result in a strong and enjoyable album, in spite of it.

(echoes and dust)

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