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news march 2018

tons of records on sale! up to 50% off!

please find your desired format in the shop and look after the oldest items, as I have put everything that’s in stock for 4 years or longer on sale

also new in the distro
the blue period – demo (summer 2013) 10″ test pressing
petethepiratesquid / grave, shovel… let’s go! split 12″
her breath on glass / championship split LP
the subrosa falcon association – where’s my rabbit LP+CD
her breath on glass – we aimed straight down LP

my heart in your hand 10″ testpressing (human hands, nebraska, asthenia, manku kapak, duct hearts)
human hands / mars to stay split 7″ testpressing
the daydream fit / dotlights / lorraine / duct hearts split 7″ testpressing
duct hearts – if you prick us, do we not bleed? 7″ testpressing
divided by water 2×7″ test pressing (trembling hands / duct hearts / careless / coma regalia / human hands)
leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs – chapter III 7″ testpressing (empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate) / your neighbour the liar / smithsonian)
pettersson / det är därför vi bygger städer split 7″ testpressing
leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs 3×7″ box testpressing
grave, shovel… let’s go! / me and goliath split 7″ rejected testpressing

mitote / purren split LP
Don’t Mess with Texas – Los Dias De Junio LP/CD
turnitdown compilation LP
hate cross – demo cassette
lacolpa – mea maxima culpa CD
idlegod CD
breag naofa – II LP
ornaments – drama 2xLP
ekranoplan – hypnopædia LP
magma waves – …and who will take care of you now 2xLP
iswh – adolescence aftermath LP
fake off – boreal LP
70cm³ of your chest – at first chaos came to be LP
slow bloomer – nudity LP
tempano – 2013 – 2015 tape
blätter s/t cassette