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swan districts – tapeography, dignity for all LP and 石の犬 aka ishinoinu 7″

contemporary australia-based emo bands have always had a way of undeservedly keeping a low profile in the western world, staying unnoticed by most while being cherished a lot by few. swan districts from adelaide are a perfect example for that. being active for only 2 years, the band put out a handful of small run cassettes before disbanding in 2011. I am happy to release the full discography of this dreamy australian lo-fi instrumental twinkly postrockish emo duo, remastered by will killingsworth at dead air studios. it is available now everywhere you stream music and as a super limited double cassette box.

60 copies were made, 20 were destroyed being shipped to australia, 20 are available from the band. do the maths, if you want it, don’t wait.

featuring john of no action, nebraska etc, this release includes almost 90 minutes of music, 14 songs in total, featuring all songs from kanda, the coming into land EP, the crepuscular rays over yorke peninsula EP and the split with benjamin zubkevych, spread over 2 music cassettes, baby blue and baby pink. comes in handstamped kraft paper cardboardboxes with a die-cut window, it also includes a full color 8 page zine with small details about the original releases, some concert flyers and leaflets and credits

listen and order here

I also received a wonderful box from rufen publishings in japan so here’s a pair of releases rarely available in central europe:

dignity for all – discography LP
This is a complete collection of songs by the 90s emo band Dignity for all from Sapporo. Dignity For All was one of the breakout bands in the late 90’s, you may have heard of them from a split 7″ they did with Jejune which was release in the USA by classic label BigWheelRecreation

石の犬 (ishinoinu) – hole, water 7″
poppy emo-influenced rock with postrock bits from japan