the beauty full monsters, collector’s compilation vol. 2 LP


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another cool cool compilation from spain, this time mostly rock, punk and metal
featuring Advermix ,Chupa Der Buka, Dirty Sánches, El Bueno, El Feo y El Malo , Historial Psiquiátrico, Johnny B. Nasty & The Rock Circus + Sherpa , La Pila Punk, La Plaga, La Quinta Del Sordo, Los Makarras, Operación Mutante, Staydown, The Blackberry Clouds, The Castro Zombies & The Mutant Phlegm, The Smoggers and Txuminos Imberbes

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In the area of the Axarquia (Province of Malaga), they have appeared bands like Not Only Punk, Me Voy Ke Me Estoy Kagando or Running With Scissors. Subsequently, there will be a second volume entitled “The Beauty Full Monsters, Collector’s Compilation Vol. II” (split album limited edition 700 vinyl and 1000 CD copies) and many events promoted by the group, distro Collector’s Series and related employees to self-management and philosophy DIY where intervene historical bands not only the boquerona (from Malaga) land but will a good selection of garage bands, hard rock and punk Andalusia, divided between the provinces of Seville, Malaga and Cadiz.

Also, you were reflected in the luxury collaborations record, such as Sherpa (Baron Rojo, early 80s band of international Spanish hard rock), who teamed with Johnny B. Nasty of Barcelona or Advermix of Murcia from other scenes (heavy and hard rock invited), as in the first volume wanted to join the more visceral spirit of the invention . Work of pure musical archeology, such as the recovery of demos punk scene Cadiz of Los Makarras, Chupa Der Buka, and Txuminos Imberbes. In the most extreme scene, Staydown HC scene of peninsular South. In total 16 excellet bands of good and great ROCK capitalized on their different conceptions and musical offerings in addition to the actions promoted by the Collector’s Series with epicenter distro in Málaga: Advermix (Heavy Metal, Murcia) – Chupa Der Buka (Punk Rock, Xerez, Cádiz) – Dirty Sanches (Garage Blues Rock, Málaga) – El Bueno, El Feo y El Malo (Garage Rock, Málaga) – Historial Psiquiatrico (before Peligro Sozial, Punk Rock, Málaga) – Johnny B. Nasty & The Rock Circus + Sherpa (Metal, Barna) – La Pila Punk (Punk Rock, Malaga), La Plaga (Power Pop / Punk, Málaga) – La Quinta Del Sordo (Soul / blues Rock, Málaga) – Los Makarras (Punk Rock, Pto Sta. María, Cadiz) – Operacion Mutante (Metal/Thrash/Punk, Torremolinos, Málaga) – Staydown (Hardcore, Málaga) – The Blackberry Clouds (Hard Rock / blues Garage, Málaga) – The Castro Zombies & The Mutant Phlegm (Punk Rock, Malaga) – The Smoggers (Garage, Psychedelia, Seville) – Txuminos Imberbes (Punk Rock, Xerez, Cadiz).

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