sobras del descontento / conquestio split LP


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crust/hardcore from czech republic and chile. black vinyl

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A very interesting and unique “Split album”. I mean, interesting from the point of view that they paired up two bands from two different continents. Conquestio are old acquaintances from Pardubice (Czech Republic) and Sobras Del Descontento, come from Chile, at a time when the country was plagued by protests, especially in the capital Santiago. Conquestio does not need a long introduction in his native country but for the rest of the world he was a great “discovery”. In this split, they contribute seven whiplashes and present themselves with a crust/hardcore attitude and spirit with occasional thrash riffs. The mixed voices combined with scratchy or guttural twists, at times give the album a singular and exotic air. As well as, quite original ideas for melodies and procedures. The whole recording is very “lo-fi”, but as a whole the result is overwhelming and effective. Leftovers Of Discontent unpacks it with a highly emotional chaotic edgy fill and very much entrenched in the hardcore/crust spirit. It could be a cliché to say that it is typically South American. But that’s the way things are, bands from this part of the world are usually easy and quick to identify, this argument being understood as defining consistency, coherence and signs of identity. Runaway songs, which are at the height of the pauses or very interesting melodic passages. It was released with elegant gatefold sleeves

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