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Not Everything is a Dream by Old Guard

After reviewing the Mesa Verde discography back in late 2015, I was approached by some ex-members’ new band OLD GUARD. They release two or three songs from their upcoming EP in early 2017, followed by the entire thing sometime around summer, if memory serves correct. ‘Not Everything is a Dream’ is six songs of angry, driving, screamy hardcore from Glasgow that is kind of like a mixture of early A Day In Black In White, Hugs and The Saddest Landscape. The instrumentals can get very Orchid sounding while the vocals bear a strong resemblance to Chuck Bass and Fraera.

“As the Ground Falls” lets you know right away that you are in for a melting of face, complete with huge breakdowns led by bass riffs that have their own gravity and the occasional, nice guitar melody. “Lacuna Inc.” is 2:08 of killer bass riffs, which happen to also be the best part of track three’s “American Spirit!” which gets so good, at points, that comparisons to Hugs must be made. “Four Senses” is pummeling, not unlike the previous track “All My Friends are on Drugs pt 1 and pt 2”, which has super Orchid riffing with throatier vocals. “I’m a Punk”, killer bass ins and outs, especially around 1:25 with dark riffs akin to sirens and gets me thinking of Nouveau’s “River House” and Gospel, which is one hell of a compliment.

Fans of Mesa Verde will likely be very ecstatic that some of the band is continuing on in fine form.

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