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A lot of bands are quite unknown, which is often far away from being deserved. So it is our job at It Djents to promote smaller artists with very good music and a lot of potential, to help them grow, and to spread their music. Milanku is a prime example of this case. The band has a new record out that just needs more people listening to it. Milanku is a Canadian post-Rrock band based out of Montreal. Their latest offering entitled De Fragments features seven songs that are named in French.

The first song “Fuir les Jour” starts like a typical post-rock song, with a lot of ambient elements, like melodic guitar, playing that seem to float through the air in the form of sound waves and an increasing emotional level. But against the feeling that this is an instrumental piece of music, you will soon recognize some vocals that are more like a noisy element, which delivers emotions and underlines the ambiance of this music. It is needless to say that this music would also work without vocals, but the vocals are actually giving it more memorable parts and emotions than an instrumental piece of music has. The next songs float into each other, without clean cuts, which provides an ongoing flow to the record. It is almost hard to find the break between two songs while listening to De Fragments in its entirety.
“La deniere porte” intrigues with a vibe that reminds of Devil Sold His Soul´s track “Hope.” While the rhythm guitar is playing chords, the other is playing a tremolo picked melody, which affects a huge ambiance, and devours the recipient into the emotions of Milanku. It is outstanding, that you can hear and also feel the feelings that are put into this music, and what I feel is a lot of ambition, passion and hard work, that is delivered by this music. Sometimes the parts are relaxing and chilling, sometimes they are rousing and enthusiastic, but what they always are is good music.

Milanku could maybe start working with some additional elements, such as a piano, or maybe strings, to give their songs a little more polish and turn them into a more unique experience for the listener. Nevertheless, the songs on this record are very good and memorable, while they are creating an overwhelming atmosphere. Also the minimal use of vocals fits pretty well into the bands concept, while some clean vocals would also match perfectly at some parts. Fans of instrumental post-rock with some progressive influences and noisy vocals – you know them from bands like Deafheaven and So Hideous – will love what Milanku are doing on this record. But for now, stop reading, play the record, close your eyes and enjoy the beauty of De Fragments.

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