locktender / brighter arrows split 10″


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Locktender from CLEVELAND, OH contain / reformed out of the ashes from ?Men As Trees?. On this split 10″ is one epic long heavy brutal hardcore song that expands over 10 minutes and just leave your ears bleeding and your mouth will be white open of disbelieve. Brighter Arrows from Chesterton, IN/Chicago, IL just continue the tradition of midwestern mid90ies emo w/ beautiful melodies, passionate lyrics and a lot of goosebumps. It reminds me a lot on bands like The Pine, Casket Lottery and a little bit of Mineral. Just beautiful. Two awesome songs. They also just released a a great 6 song ep The Ghost is Clear Records and Fair Weather Records. The 10″ comes in a beautiful inside / out printed 10″ sleeve designed by Benny Druckwelle

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