leechfeast / meth drinker split LP


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Slovenia’s Leechfeast is the madness of decaying urban jungle, endless nights without sleep, strange dreams that you remain thinking about through the next day, chronic back pain, cramped up stomach, pathethic porcelain faces around you with a permanent smile, the fact that you can relate to the cat that lives with you more than you can to other people and years of repressed aggression that needs to get out badly, and New Zealand’s Meth Drinker´s track, ‘Aimless’, begins with the obligatory feedback, soon joined by a bludgeoning ultraslow riff. Interestingly, they eschew the typical turpentine-gargling rasping vocals in favour of a distant droning chant, at least for the first few bars. After a few repetitions of the same riff the track title begins to feel a little too apt, but they switch gears just in time with a downright nasty chugging bastard of a riff.

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