immanu el – the’yll come, they come 2xLP


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IMMANU EL are amazing. Having said that, I have little to add, seriously. This is when music speaks better and when you need little time to decide whether you like it or not. I do. I like such kind of Post- Rock; it’s close to JOHNYTWENTYTHREE, YNDI HALDA or YNDI HALDA musically, but it has vocals and it’s more like song-oriented, and here you have SIGUR ROS, late TALK TALK, GREGOR SAMSA and some Shoegaze/Slowcore bands as major influences. Having said that, I must add IMMANU EL aren’t derivative or over-influenced by any particular band or style mentioned before. I don’t care much about their religious views (in fact I discovered them only from two previous reviews) until music is great enough to stuck to it without noticing ANYTHING else. Same thing with TALK TALK and their spiritual lyrics too, by the way. As long as it’s musically awesome you don’t need anything else to put your nail on. Highly recommended and good luck to IMMANU ELs!

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