geranium / human compost split 7″


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Human Compost deliver the more aggressive side, two short tracks clocking in at 2½ and 2 minutes leave no no prisoners to be taken and hit you right in the face with some decent D-beat drumming. The first track, “Sous Terre, Le Silence”, has a nice R’n’R riff tossed in while the second song features a more thrashier approach and comes up with nifty lead guitar work. The cover of this side is part of some kind of tryptich to be completed with two other split EP’s. A lyrics sheet is also included, but as both songs are in French, I can’t tell anything about the content.

Geraniüm tend to be a little bit more “progressive”, as far as this term can be used in this genre… The songs show that this band is capable of composing beyond the path of sheer brutality, blending in smooth interludes and interesting bass lines along the way.


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