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It’s certainly pleasing to find an album like Mourning Golden Morning that rewrites an often-used formula well enough to feel at times refreshing. And though I may never return to its attention, if only because there are better albums to lose mind and consciousness to, I can group it with the more successful and competent works in the particular category of music. It’s a revisit to the strengths of Mogwai, the tones and soundscapes of Explosions In The Sky, and the more successful vocal inclusions in the genre – a distant Sigur Ros comparison is fair, though more in line with The Album Leaf and recent Eluvium – never drawing attention to the singers individually, while making better the whole of the atmosphere of the music at hand. Ef does all of these things while negating innovation, true, but highlighting many of the strengths of the genre. They clearly know their f’ing post-rock.

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