duelo / accidente split 7″


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Accidente and Duelo both come from Getafe, the working class area of Madrid, to bring about an explicitly political hardcore punk music, but underneath everything there’s a great sense of melody and fun.
Accidente have been close to my heart ever since I was introduced to their self-titled and Amistad y Rebelión LPs. Here they have two new songs that sound typical to their style of extremely catchy and melodic punk rock with anarchist message. Yeah, I don’t say political but anarchist because they care about that label, and I would like to believe that anarchism is still a vibrant word in Spain not only for its historical context. Duelo, on the other hand, are a bit more on the hardcore side of the punk rock spectrum, although still extremely catchy and melodic. And since both bands are close friends it’s pretty nice to see them covering a song by each other.

Well put together in a combined effort by some great hardcore punk labels who are always all-in to release a music with a good message. If you think that punk rock should be loud, political but also a lot of fun, then you would love to dance to these tun

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